Middle School

Grades 5-8

The middle school years are perhaps the most impactful years of a student’s life. With all of the changes physically, emotionally and socially, students need skills to help guide them through these challenges. Our programs offer social emotional skills, impulse control, stress reduction, and empowerment to help students navigate these important years.

Middle School Courses



In middle school, MindfullyU, focuses on brain research and stress reduction through 16 mini lessons and daily mindfulness practices. This program is designed to help youth gain a clearer understanding of how their thoughts and emotions impact their health and quality of life. Students learn about the amygdala, cortisol and how the fight or flight impulse effects our health and overall well-being. In the age of social media and computer interface, students lose track of introspection and human connection. The MindfullyU program reminds students of their role in this world as a compassionate human. After years of learning processes, so many struggle with the reflection and introspection that mindfulness fosters. This course has successfully been integrated into middle school courses such as: life skills, PE, health and science.



Our middle school program pairs yoga and movement with the MindfullyU curriculum in order to help students navigate their environment and gain a deeper understanding of how our brain interacts with our body to contribute to thoughts, feelings, and actions. Students learn specific skills related to stress reduction, tolerance, acceptance, self-regulation skills, focus and how their words, thoughts, and actions are all interrelated, and help create an overall sense of inner peace. Students of this age benefit greatly, both emotionally and physically from the strengthening and flexibility training that is a part of the yoga practice. As a stand-alone yoga class, or combined with the mindfulness curriculum, our yoga programs are easily integrated into most PE curriculum.



The four-hour day for students begins with a “Fresh Start” which is designed for community and team building, along with helping students approach the day with a mindful focus and the right frame of mind as they begin learning new math strategies. Mindfulness activities are practiced daily. Weekly, time is set aside for extended mindfulness lessons focusing on stress reduction, PBIS and the effects of self-esteem mindset shifts.

Middle School Series and Classes



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